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MP’s vs. IMP’s

How do you play the following hand at MP’s? At IMP’s?

North (Dummy)

♠ K 8 6 5 2

4 3 2

A K 10 6


South (You)


A K Q J 10 9


A K 6 4 2

Contract – 6

Opening Lead – Q

No adverse bidding.

This hand illustrates two points:

1. There are different strategies for MP’s and Imp’s.

2. It is frequently better to count winners than losers.

Solution at MP’s

Throw a spade on the K and hope clubs are no worse than 4-3 (about 50-50) in which case you can ruff two clubs and make 7.

Solution at IMP’s

Lead a club to your hand at trick 2 and lead a spade! If clubs split 4-3 you will always make 6, but if they split 5-2 you need the K for your 12th trick.


gretaMarch 2nd, 2012 at 2:22 am

I have been playing bridge for years, I still don’t know what the diff is with imp and mp, I just play! When I play team my partner tll me to make never mind over tricks as I try to do with duplicate. i need to see something somewhere that can make me understand.
Sorry for asking this dumb question but I need an answer before I die!

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