Dan Romm

A Very Amusing Hand

                  Playing in a home game with friends of intermediate strength I pick up the following remarkable hand (I have never been dealt a thirteen card suit):

                                                      S: void; H: void; D: AKQJ109876542; C: 6

                  While ruing the fact that I wasn’t playing in a high-stakes rubber bridge game, my partner opens 1S and my RHO passes. I bid 3D (strong), my LHO passes, and partner bids 3NT. I bid 4NT (I am glad to be playing with a partner who always takes 4NT as Blackwood) planning to bid 7D if partner holds two (or three) Aces since, in addition to being a 2-1 favorite that he holds the Ace of clubs, I will also make seven if even he doesn’t whenever LHO doesn’t lead a club (or an unlikely trump). Partner responds 5D (one Ace) so I reluctantly decide to settle for 6D (even though 7D still has a reasonable chance, namely if either partner’s Ace is in clubs or the wrong lead is made). This is promptly doubled by LHO which (I assume) causes partner to retreat to 6NT. Since this can’t be the right spot, I return to 7D and LHO doubles again, this time more promptly. Partner now bids 7NT! Naturally my LHO doubles furiously with his two Aces.

                  Partner’s hand:

                                                      S: KQJ42; H: KJ75; D: void; C: AQ83

                  After a long pause, RHO reasonably decides that his partner must have a diamond trick (or tricks) and selects the unfortunate lead of the 3 of diamonds! Partner claims and, after the ensuing hubbub subsides, I restrict the discussion to my partner’s misguided bidding.  Although also tempted to admonish LHO for his unwise double of 6D, I refrain from doing so since he has already been punished for his indiscretion far more than anybody deserves!


David Memphis MOJO SmithOctober 31st, 2013 at 6:56 pm

Cute hand!

DickyOctober 31st, 2013 at 11:59 pm

This is an ideal hand for the Kabel 3NT opening bid which asks for specific aces. The Club ace (and or other specifc aces) can be identified and the cold 7D bid with confidence (beaten only by an extremely unlikely first-round club ruff).

Jeff FordNovember 1st, 2013 at 7:15 pm

It’s not an ideal hand when your partner opens in front of you…

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